MG Plate Roll Production

 AR- line: Section bending machines aka known as angle rolls with three driving rolls, each with an independent hydraulic planetary motor, two forming rolls for reduction of flat ends. Double roll spherical bearings for maximum rigidity, hydraulic motors attached directly to each planetary drive,  eliminating the loss of torque. Winner technology for all section bending types up to 500 HE beams.

PK Plate Roll Model is simple in its design but strong and reliable. It offers mass production with the minimum maintenance. Completely re-designed in its frame and systems, gets the torsion bars, levers and transmission systems and the opportunity to adapt vacuum conveyor, loading table, supports and ejecting system from the MH plate roll line. Winner technology at the right price.

M 4-roll plate bending rolls: MG has updated the radial movement of their plate rolls resulting in stronger and more efficient side rolls movements rolling even when the machine works at its  capacity limit. The hydraulic motors of the two central rolls are coupled to their planetary gear boxes. The gear boxes are mounted directly on the rolls without secondary  transmissions, this way there is no lost of power and no need of parts maintenance. Massive torsion bars grant the absolute rolls parallelism. These torsion bars together with all the hydraulic device generate a peculiar system that gives absolute precision and versatility. Winner technology for great performance and safety.

G  3-roll plate bending rolls: Having the same features of M plate roll line, the 3 rolls plate bending rolls range is built with 3 powered rolls; all MG bending rolls are manufactured expressly to customers’ needs. Our range is the largest in the field; from 300mm to 8000mm width, for thickness from 0,2mm up to 200mm cold rolling. Winner technology at customer’s disposal.


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The Benefits of Using a 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine

Metal-working companies who need to optimize their production look for a machine that can pre-bend and roll their metal efficiently to produce the products they in turn sell. We carry the MG line of rolling equipment; 4 roll hydraulic plate bending machines, 3 roll double pinch plate bending machines which both offer great benefits. We also have a 2 roll machine when extreme accuracy is required. The 4 roll machine offers great precision, productivity, versatility as well as speed, safety and ease of operation. For companies in the fabrication industry, they need top-quality machinery in order to maximize production and profits.


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Comparing 4 rolls vs. 3 rolls. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Four-roll technology has been around almost since the turn of the century: however, it was impractical, as the improved production did not justify the costs.

With the advances in Fluid Technology this has changed dramatically. It is now possible to buy a four-roll machine for very nearly the cost of a three-roll double pinch machine.

Is this an important development to plate roll users?  To answer this question, let’s briefly review the functions of the single initial pinch roll, double pinch roll and the basic pyramid roll.

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ME Synthesis line

Hydraulic rolling machine, model ME Synthesis, with “MG electronic parallelism” technology.

Digital innovations to the management of the rolls; the movement and the parallelism of each roller are controlled electronically to ensure perfect synchronization of the two ends and the maximum precision of positioning.

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AR 4.0 Line

Wide distance of side rolls with more capacity on bigger diameter bending. Minimal flat parts on edges; pre-bending without straight ends. High performance with CNC control unit. Accurate results for pipes and profiles. Profiling and bending in one step; perfect for serial production.

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FABTECH 2016 Returns to Las Vegas – November 16-18, 2016

…and we are excited to be part of this great show and hope that you will stop by at our booth C26103 to learn more about us and our MG plate and angle roll line.

Come talk to our knowledgeable and friendly sales personnel. Ask questions. Pick up brochures. Get ideas.

We are proud to showcase a M3015C Double Pinch Hydraulic 4-roll Plate Bending Machine (10′ x 19/32″) with a CNC Touch Command EVO control. Click HERE for information on M3015C. See pictures below of the actual machine.

The factory, MG, that builds our rolls, was founded in Fossano, Italy in 1959 specializing in industrial automation. Today MG, led by a second generation, relies on a young and dynamic workforce capable of keeping up with the changing global environment. Thanks to a continuous product research and development and to the use of top quality components and most advanced solutions MG can offer a wide range of products that can meet the all the market needs. MG is the market leader in Italy, Germany and Spain with a strong expansion in the developing economies. It is increasing its leadership in North American and Asian continents. With an average production of over 300 machines a year and thanks to a detailed quality control procedure MG can guarantee fast delivery and a high performance product. All the components are top-quality; only the best and most renowned Italian brands are used. Thus MG can guarantee that its products are 100% made in Italy. Thanks to a large stock of spare parts MG can ensure quick deliveries

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FABTECH brings a wealth of innovation and technology solutions to Las Vegas, NV November 16-18, 2016. More than 28,000 attendees and over 1,300 exhibiting companies are expected to gather once again to celebrate metal manufacturing at its best. The event also provides educational sessions and expert-led presentations covering the latest trends and technology in the metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries.



Admission to the show floor is complimentary if you register by the deadline (November 11, 2016).  After the deadline and on-site the fee is $50 (US).

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