“We chose C Marshall Fabrication Machinery, Inc. for their quality MG equipment for stainless steel rolling and for their excellent customer service and knowledge of the products provided. We specifically appreciated their cone rolling application support. It was valuable to get this information to produce cones correctly for our products. We recommend MG products and CMF.”

Dennis Ziegler
Aquafine Corporation

“We had never heard about MG plate rolls when we started looking for a roll. Price and delivery was the reason we purchased one. Although we had help on start-up from the factory, our operator found it ver easy to adapt to the new rolls. There were several specific situations from placing the order until star-up that we required help. Those being language, drawings, critical dimensions, floor layout etc. But we got excellent support.

CMF came over to us as being as good as the best and better that the rest in what they are experts at!

We have needed no service or parts since installation in August of 2009. We have needed no technical help because the computer program furnished to us from the factory in English is very thorough in determining plate width, length, thickness, and yield information. Also, the factory performed a demonstration before shipment, witnessed by one of our shop foremen by actually rolling a cylinder from start to finish.”

KingTool Company

“We were in the market for a 4 roll system. CMF was offering special prices at the time. What we like about the plate roll is the ease of operation and user friendly control panel. We have liked everything about CMF from sales to support. We appreciated Cary spending a day with us training us how to use the machine correctly. We would recommend CMF due to product knowledge, service and sale.”

Barry Norton
Permian Tank & Manufacturing, Inc

The reason why we chose the MG roll was “Good price and also the visit to El Reno, OK, to see the unit that was recently installed. Seeing the unit in operation and visiting with the operator who said it was easy to use and he was happy with it, helped up make our decision. This is the first plate roll that we have owned, so it is difficult to make comparison but it is easy to use. Communications were good during the purchasing and shipping. Training was good. We are happy with our purchase and would recommend MG and CMF to our peers and colleagues.”

Mark Gift
Phoenix Industrial Insulation Corp