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Test-Run of F03A – a MG srl 2 Rolls Plate Bending Machine

Please take a look to the video here below. It is showing the test-run of a simple 2 rolls machine (F03A – a MG srl plate bending machine)  with a special CNC program that  is used to avoid  material overlap.


MG Angle Rolls

First video clip is with standard control, second with CNC Touch Command EVO and third shows machine with compression tooling and Arc Meter.



1152 AR110S - 13215 1 1619 matr15183

AR80 – Test Performed

Model MG AR80 – Shaft 80mm
Angle iron 60 x 60 x 6_diameter 660-Bending Method + radius, DIAMETER 600 mm, TESTS request; ID3165S