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MG Plate Roll Production

 AR- line: Section bending machines aka known as angle rolls with three driving rolls, each with an independent hydraulic planetary motor, two forming rolls for reduction of flat ends. Double roll spherical bearings for maximum rigidity, hydraulic motors attached directly to each planetary drive,  eliminating the loss of torque. Winner technology for all section bending types up to 500 HE beams.

PK Plate Roll Model is simple in its design but strong and reliable. It offers mass production with the minimum maintenance. Completely re-designed in its frame and systems, gets the torsion bars, levers and transmission systems and the opportunity to adapt vacuum conveyor, loading table, supports and ejecting system from the MH plate roll line. Winner technology at the right price.

M 4-roll plate bending rolls: MG has updated the radial movement of their plate rolls resulting in stronger and more efficient side rolls movements rolling even when the machine works at its  capacity limit. The hydraulic motors of the two central rolls are coupled to their planetary gear boxes. The gear boxes are mounted directly on the rolls without secondary  transmissions, this way there is no lost of power and no need of parts maintenance. Massive torsion bars grant the absolute rolls parallelism. These torsion bars together with all the hydraulic device generate a peculiar system that gives absolute precision and versatility. Winner technology for great performance and safety.

G  3-roll plate bending rolls: Having the same features of M plate roll line, the 3 rolls plate bending rolls range is built with 3 powered rolls; all MG bending rolls are manufactured expressly to customers’ needs. Our range is the largest in the field; from 300mm to 8000mm width, for thickness from 0,2mm up to 200mm cold rolling. Winner technology at customer’s disposal.


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AR Section Angle/Bending Roll Machine

AR lineUsing the same award winning technology incorporated in their world famous 3 & 4 roll plate bending machines, MG team has revolutionized the section & angle rolling market. Using the same characteristics and components as in their plate bending machines MG is able to offer stronger machines with quality and performance higher than other manufacturers and with a very competitive price. Heavy steel fabricated frames machined on CNC machining centers to ensure extreme accuracy.

* Three drive rolls each with an independent hydraulic planetary motor.

* Eliminating secondary reduction gearing, connecting arms, chains, synchronization devices and clutches.

* Two forming rolls for reduction of flat ends. * Double roll spherical bearing (SKF or equal) for maximum rigidity.

* Hydraulic motors attached directly to each planetary drive, eliminating loss of torque.

* Tooling is modular and can be configured to roll most standard sections

* For rolling pipe and tube or beams and channels the hard way, special tooling can be ordered.

The section bending roll/angle roll has three dragging rolls with hydraulic pinching granting a steady and constant leading of the material. It is easy to use and precise in its performance and with its particular geometry, it’s definitely unique. All the parts are selected among the best brands in the world to give precision, versatility in use and a long lasting life.


TRIDIMENSIONAL MOVEMENT HYDRAULIC SIDE GUIDES with the following movements: up/down, back and forward, they rotate to adapt to the different bending radii. (Optional on AR60 and AR80 angle rolls.)

PLANETARY MOVEMENTS: Bending rolls’ planetary movement reduces frictions at the lowest, common on traditional machines having creeping oblique or horizontal guides.

PERMANENT LUBRICATION: All components on all our section bending rolls as well as plate rolls are pre-lubricated and sealed up thanks to an exclusive system that grants lubrication for the life time of the machine.

DIRECT DRIVE: Replacement of all low efficiency components such as gears, brasses, mechanical gear boxes, transmissions belts, creeping guides, etc., with high efficiency epicycloidal gear boxes DIRECTLY COUPLED on the rolls, bearings and hydraulic motors, that concentrate all the machine strength on the profile (positive strength), provides energy savings. This system follows the “International High Efficiency and Anti-Pollution” Rules.

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