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Plate bending machines: Lengths with multiple shapes

The optimization of the productive process leads companies to review their production phases and, where possible, cut down output time and costs. For example, in the construction of large tanks, the use of long plate bending machine helps to reduce further processes, such as welding, yet keeping a high quality standard.

In a period in which the economic crisis is influencing the markets worldwide, MG in Fossano (Cuneo), with over 50 years’ experience, records an increasing demand for big plate and section machines. With its productivity of 2, 3 and 4 rolls plate bending machines, special machines, section bending machines with accessories, MG can satisfy all demands from a minimum length of 20” to a maximum of 27”, and for a thickness from .040” to 12”. Normally plate bending machine inquiries are from 40” to 10’ length; however, lately the trend seems to be towards longer machines – considerably longer from 12’ to 27’.

Massimo Roccia, president of MG

It’s basically – says Massimo Roccia, President and Co-owner – a range of machines dedicated to the constructions of big tanks for the transport and storage of fluids and fuels.”

This tendency meet the need to optimize the various processes in the realization of the final product – to bend a longer piece means reducing weld joints, thus, saving time and money.

Translation from LAMIERA February 2013 – www.lamieranews.it

Original article by Di Gianandrea Mazzola


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