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Introducing MG

MG was established in Italy, the city of Fossano (CN) in 1959 with its main specialisation in manufacturing of industrial automation.

In 1981 MG began the construction of plate bending machines and two years later concentrated its efforts and investments towards a quality production in the field of hydraulic plate bending machines; the original 5,382 sqf  of covered plant surface was extended to the present 107,639 sqf.

Today MG is able to answer to almost any kind of demand on plate bending machines manufacturing, and is in condition to propose a large range of models with useful plate length from 20” mm to 28’ and bending thickness capacity from .040” up to 10-1/4”.

The bending machines model MG and MH are the result of a continuous research and innovation in the product engineering and manufacturing, making use of components of the latest technology and innovative solutions. These models are designed and manufactured to obtain a bending capacity equal to 3 times the upper roll diameter with steel plates yield of 36,000.

MG gives customers real advantages on every large and small industrial application of boilers and heat exchangers; tanks and containers for alimentary sectors, agriculture and buildings; tank-trucks for oils and foods, road and heavy transportation; turbines and reactors; off-shore and land windmill towers; light and heavy steel structural works, excavator buckets and any other application in the field of automotive, naval, railway and aero-spatial. Every one of these sectors is carefully studied by our staff in order to give our clients the best machine, system or service.

MG machines are built to follow each customer’s specific bending requirements, expressly studied and projected for the task the customer needs to perform. We do not mass-produce and we don’t send out quotations just to get rid of stock.  We want to know what the customer’s activity is, what he produces, and listen to what he would like to have in the future and then offer the best machine that can fit his demands.

Video on MH208A 4 rolls Plate Bending Machine

MH208A with central and one arm side supports bending square tank with CNC Touch Command “EVO”

And below video on bending eliptic tank with CNC Touch Command “EVO”