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Digital Radius Gauge aka ArcMeter

Please click the image below for a description of the radius gauge. Note that the gauge will work wireless only with the CNC Touch Command EVO but can of course be used “manually” also with the Nexus control.

Radius Gauge


PH Variable Geometry Plate Bending Machine (3 roll)

PH line Top roll with vertical movement and side rolls moving horizontally.
Three motorized rolls through planetary gearboxes.
Permanent lubrication.
Double spherical roller bearings.
Rolls cambering based on the thickness to be rolled in order to avoid any type of roll deflection.
Easy to operate.
Especially suitable for high thicknesses.

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If you need manuals

Please contact us if you need any of the following manuals:


– ARW User Manual
– FRW User Manual
– LYNX Command Instruction Manual
– MG ArCMeter User Manual
– MG Touch Command EVO Manual
– MG touch Command Manual vol 4.0.2
– MAPERS 2-axis Control


– AR 40 User and Maintenance Manual
– AR 80 User and Maintenance manual
– AR 140 User and Maintenance Manual
-AR 110 User and Maintenance Manual
– 3-roll Instruction Manual
– 4-roll Instruction Manual

– CB110/3200 Press Brake Manual
– CB88/3200 Press Brake Manual
– Guillotine Shear Operation Manual

– W62K Series Hydraulic Folder Manual