Author: Sonja Marshall

CNC Touch Command Evolution Bending Machine

MG’s CNC Touch Command evolution; the best and most reliable CNC for 4 rolls plate bending machines. So far there is no match on the market; fully in-house developed.

BENDMAK 2-, 3-, 4-rolls

CYL-ST 3-roll Asymmetrical Plate Bending Machine

CYL 3-roll Asymmetrical Plate Bending Machine

CY4R-M 4-roll

MG 32520Z pictures

When you talk about WOW factor… Here is something to marvel.

If you need manuals

Please contact us if you need any of the following manuals:


– ARW User Manual
– FRW User Manual
– LYNX Command Instruction Manual
– MG ArCMeter User Manual
– MG Touch Command EVO Manual
– MG touch Command Manual vol 4.0.2
– MAPERS 2-axis Control


– AR 40 User and Maintenance Manual
– AR 80 User and Maintenance manual
– AR 140 User and Maintenance Manual
-AR 110 User and Maintenance Manual
– 3-roll Instruction Manual
– 4-roll Instruction Manual

– CB110/3200 Press Brake Manual
– CB88/3200 Press Brake Manual
– Guillotine Shear Operation Manual

– W62K Series Hydraulic Folder Manual

MH632 Plate Roll

MH632 20′ x 1″ plate roll rolling 3/4″ thick plate to a 1.1 x top roll diameter.

MG 3150 Plate Roll

MG3150 rolling 6″ thick test plate to a 4′ radius.