Speed-Bend Tandem Press Brake Sold in USA!

Speed-Bend Tandem Press Brake

Congratulations to Watson Hegner!

A Speed-Bend tandem press brake – 48,5′ x 2200 ton  – was sold to Ryerson steel by Watson Hegner last week.

This is the largest tandem press brake sold in North America of Ermak line and will be a jewl in the crown.

Tandem press brakes consists of at least two machines which are able to bend sheet and plate materials that are up to 105′ (32 meters) on a single operation. These press brakes also have a feature of working together as well as working alone. Each machine is equipped with separate hydraulic, electrical and electronic equipments. All the equipments used as standard and optional accessories are chosen particularly from the latest technology using companies whose products are accepted worldwide. Squiring the high performance with high efficiency by the user is our basic principle.

  • User friendly and reliable working environment providing complex Hydraulic system which you can use free of problems for years.
  • Bending tools at various dimensions and special types.
  • High precision bending opportunity with adjustable tonnage, back gauge and stroke adjustment according to tooling and sheet metal specs.