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Shipwreck With $235M Worth of Silver Discovered

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Less than 2 months ago I wrote an article about a shipwreck that had been discovered off the coast of St. Maarten. It was thought to possibly contain buried treasure. I still haven’t heard back on that from my friends there, so my guess is that it’s still waiting to be pulled up out of the sea..

About a week later, a US sea exploration company discovered a ship that is indeed filled with silver. It had gone missing in 1941 about 300 miles off the Irish coast when it was torpedoed by a German sub. I bet it sank very quickly, since it also happened to be carrying 200 tonnes of silver. That would be about $235 million worth, by today’s silver prices.

The company that made this discovery (Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc.) will get to keep up to 80% of the silver. With that much silver and money involved, no wonder that the fact that it’s 8,000 feet below sea level doesn’t seem to be a huge deterrent to them.

Their recovery expedition is scheduled to start next spring.

Strangely enough, the precise GPS coordinates for the exact location of the shipwreck don’t seem to have been released publicly. But this hasn’t stopped the company shares from rising since this discovery hit news wires.

My thought is that if we all start practicing holding your breath for long periods of time starting now, then we might be in good enough shape to discreetly do the 8000-foot deep dive to get a little piece of the action for ourselves. Meanwhile, I’ll keep asking around for the GPS coordinates.

Sure it’s a long shot. But as long as they’re still finding real buried treasure out there somewhere, we can all keep dreaming, right?

In any case, don’t forget that you heard about it first from the friendly folks at C Marshall Fabrication Machinery.

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