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Reports Find Volatility But Opportunities For Manufacturing

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Following yesterday’s reports on the MAPI/Manufacturing Alliance Global Report-May 201, IndustryWeek (6/7, Andorka) reports “the outlook for the US and global economies is volatile, with one analyst suggesting another economic downturn is possible.” The report’s author Cliff Waldman said the US was “at the fulcrum of the global economic future,” and the “the U.S economy will continue to limp along for the next few years with slow unemployment improvement and uneven growth.” However, Waldman is concerned “that the policymakers in the country have few levers left to pull to pull it out of its current economic quagmire.” While he said that another downturn was possible, Waldman added that the future for manufacturing looks relatively bright, with emerging economies providing an opportunity for growth.

Industrial Distribution (6/8) reports on an interview with Bradley J. Holcomb, chair of the ISM Manufacturing Business Survey Committee, about the most recent Manufacturing ISM Report on Business. Regarding the current weakness that has been reflected in recent economic reports, Holcomb said that while growth has slowed in recent months, “all of these important primary metrics were in the 60s, which is really strong.” Going forward, Holcomb said, “I guess our overall sentiment here is continuing growth and cautious optimism, going forward over the next few months.” While the most recent data was less than stellar, he advised, “Let’s wait until next month before we read too much into this.”

From SME Daily Executive Briefing 6/8/2011

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