Swing Beam Shears

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The Main Structure of QC12Y Series Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear Machine (Standard)

Weld: The machine body is all welded connected through good quality steel plate. The process has gone through the vibration and aging treatment to eliminate internal stress with good rigidity and high stability.

1. The front feeding platform is equipped with ruler for the plate feeding and also smooth in the surface to protect the plate in any surface hurting when feeding. The ruler works in MM or any other unit for accuracy control and checking.

2. The working table is equipped with ball or round bar steel to support the plate into feeding, and also the protection for any surface lacerate.

3. The electronic box is equipped with certificated components. We use CE certificated Siemens or Schneider components for exportation machines but also high quality CCC certificated components to cater clients’ different needs.

4. The machine body steel is mostly made of top brand steel plate provider Shanghai BAOSTEEL that is treated with anticorrosive paint before the final paint layer.

5. The blade material is rigorously tested 9CrSi or 6CrW2Si in order to provide high rigidity and cutting result. The upper blade has two edges and the bottom blade has four edges. The blade clearance can be adjusted manually or automatically.

6. The hydraulic system is either Germany Rexroth or USA OMG system. The return is controlled by nitrogen return cylinder with stable working process and easy operation.

For additional security, the machine can be equipped with full closed back side and/or light curtain.

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