Rebar Stirrup Machine


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TRIAX produces rebar stirrups since 1993 with a technology that makes them very fast and reliable. The machines are built for high productions and have been designed to provide maximum efficiency to those who have to produce large amounts of rackets as they allow to bend simultaneously up to 9 rebars if 6 mm diameters. Triax stirrup benders are 100% Made in Italy. Also, the first-choice components (electric motor, electrical parts etc.) are all produced in Italy by trusted suppliers with whom TRIAX has worked for many years. In addition, all the bar processing machines are fully tested before shipment providing the buyer a certainty that the rod bending machines have very high and constant quality standards over time.


– Worm reduction gearbox in constant oil-bath that allows to carry any bending greatly reducing mechanical stress.

– Regulation system that allows to accurately determine the bending angles of the steel stirrups.

– Bending arm that after each bend automatically returns to the starting position.

– Electric dual-controls with foot pedal that allows great freedom of movement to the operator in selecting the most suitable working position in respect to the machine.

– All electric controls work with low voltage 24V according to current regulations.

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