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TRIAX produces electric bar bending machines since decades with a technology that makes very performing, reliable and safe. The machines to bend concrete reinforcing steel bars are designed to provide maximum efficiency and ease of use which is extremely important in modern construction and building sites. Triax reinforcement bar benders are 100% Made in Italy. Also, the first-choice components (self-braking electric motors, electrical parts etc.) are all produced in Italy by trusted suppliers with whom TRIAX has worked for many years. In addition, all the bar processing machines are fully tested before shipment providing the buyer a certainty that the rod bending machines have very high and constant quality standards over time.

The goal is to give customers the best service in both sale and after-sales giving answers and shipping spare parts orders in very short time.


– Self-braking electric motor characteristic that greatly extends the life of the motor that do not undergo electric shocks while reversing rotation.

– Two-stages epicicloidal gear unit with gears in constant oil bath that allows to carry any bending reducing much the mechanical effort.

– Automatic graduated regulator with which it is possible to accurately determine the bending angles, a much more accurate and faster system of the old system with holes around the bending disk.

– Bending disk rotating in both directions, after bending the reinforcing steel bar or steel round bar will automatically return to the starting point.

– Electric dual controls with foot pedal that allows great freedom of movement to the operator in selecting the most suitable working position in respect to the machine.

– Safety micro switch on the door which, also with connected power, switches off the machine if the door is open as required by current safety regulations.

– All electric controls work with low voltage 24V according to current regulations.

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