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WC67K-176/2000 is a torsion bar synchronization NC/CNC press brake, compact in structure, easy in operation adjustment, stable in usage and high precision synchronization.
– The machine body is welded assembly by high quality steel from China Bao Steel Enterprise. After the welding process, the machine body is milled to ensure the balance and precision
– Mechanical block inside the cylinder to avoid beam stroke out of gauge
– Balance adjustment for the two cylinder synchronization possible to keep level position
– The machine is offered with ESTUN E21 CNC system; the back-gauge can go to its position accurately.
– All electronic elements are from CE standard European Siemens, Schneider with high stability
– European standard dies/punch design is available. Normally we use standard four V design for all dies and standard punch capable to work different plate thicknesses changeable at three sides.
– Tailored working-table length and working speed for beam according to client’s production demand.

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