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WC67K-110/4000 is an Electrical-Hydraulic synchronization CNC press brake, compact in structure, easy in operation adjustment, stable in usage and high precision synchronization. All components of the machine are designed under the instruction of the computer aided design and software of CAD/CAE/CAM to fully guarantee the intensity and rigidity of all the components. The machine structure is composed by body frame, working table, slide block, main cylinder and back-gauge. The machine body, slide block, working table and other main components are under one time clamping of large landing boring and milling machine to ensure geometric accuracy of the main machine.
The machine is greatly enhanced in anti-torque and electronic load resistance.

Two main cylinders’ movement and position are controlled by Y1 and Y2 Axis, Y1 and Y2 are two separately parameter of CNC Control system. Two sides of the machine configure two imported grating rulers to calculate the real distance between the ram and working table. Grating rulers are equipped a small rack in the connection of the working table to eliminate the influence of the ram location caused by the upright column deformation.
When the slider is moving, the position digital details will feedback into CNC System, so the servo valve control signal S1 and S2 will be calculated and output and control the output flow of the two servo valve to make sure the left and right main cylinder will working synchronization from beginning to end and will guarantee the high speed and position precision of the slider when working.

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