APK Medium Series Angle Rolls


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The power of hydraulic cylinders enables to bend the larger parts without difficulty. Practical and universal rollers creates the possibility of easiness for bending various sections, and this feature gives the opportunity of being more powerful and robust.

Akyapak Profile Bending Machines are 3 rolls driven. This feature allows to have a possibility to make the high capacity bending processes real. Secondly, our 3 Rolls Driven machine minimizes the slipping of the materials during the bending process. The two bottom rolls are hydraulically driven and they can move independently with each other.

Therefore, in comparison with the machines which are top roll drive, the features of our machines enhance the ability of operators and give the opportunity to make prebending process on both edges. Side supporters can move towards three directions to reduce the deformations and to facilitate bending processes, especially with angles and spirals.

Standard Equipment
– Steel (St-52) construction body
– On APK101 and APK121, the rolls are driven by a hydraulic motor+planetary gearbox and gears
– Shafts are made of special steel, hardened and grinded
– On APK101, guide rolls are adjustable manually in one direction
– On APK121, guide rolls are hydraulically adjustable in two directions
– One set standard rolls
– Manual lubrication
– Hydraulically moveable lower rolls up and down
– Digital display for lower rolls
– Separate and moveable control panel
– Horizontal & vertical working
– 400 Volt/ 50-60 Hz
– Certified by CE, ISO9001 – 2008, TSEK and TURQUM

Optional Equipment
– Special rolls for tubes, profiles and angles
– Special mechanic guide Rolls for bending angles (for APK 101)
– Special tooling sysems for bending U,I,H profiles
– Spiral bending device
– Variable speed of rotation
– Hydraulically adjustable guide rolls in two directions (for APK 101)
– Digital display for hydraulic guide rolls
– NC PIayback Control System
– CNC Graphic Control System
– Motors in variable voltage and frequency

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