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Angle Roll Bender

angle roll machinesModel #: AR140, 5 X 5 X 1/2″ angle leg out

Using the same award-winning technology incorporated in MG’s world-famous 3 and 4 roll plate bending machines, MG has revolutionized the section and angle rolling market. Using the same characteristics and components as MG’s plate bending machines, MG is able to offer stronger machines with higher quality and performance than other manufactures to a very competitive price.

  • Heavy steel fabricated frames machined on CNC machining centers ensure extreme accuracy.
  • Three drive rolls each with an independent hydraulic planetary motor eliminating secondary reduction gearing, connecting arms, chains, synchronization devices and clutches.
  • Two forming rolls for reduction on flat ends.
  • Double roll spherical bearing (SKF or equal) for maximum rigidity.
  • Hydraulic motors attached directly to each planetary drive, eliminating loss of torque.
  • Tooling is modular and can be configured to roll most standard sections. For rolling pipe and tube or beams and channels the hard way, special tooling can be ordered.

Standard Features of Angle Rolls

Angle Rolling MachingsAR140, 5 X 5 X 1/2″ angle leg out
  • Profile Bending Machines Ready to Use
  • Peripheral Speed Compensating System
  • Three-Dimensional Guide Rolls
  • Broad Equipment of Standard Rolls

Standard equipment includes a set of modular rolls that are suitable for rolling most of the commonly used commercial sections such as flats, angles, square and rectangular tubes, Tees, channels, and beams.

The three-dimensional lateral guide rolls are hydraulically powered on the AR140 and larger machines and can be adjusted to work very closely to the bending rolls, minimizing the distortion of non-symmetrical profiles. Moreover the guide rolls are equipped with the tooling to bend angle leg-in. This tooling can also be effectively used for calibrating the bending diameters or recovering bends that are too tight.

Controlled Axis

AR360, 8 X 8 X 1-1/8″ leg in and out

Machines with controlled axis are required to achieve consistent curves between straight parts, multiple radii or compound curves, tapered or variable pitch helical coils, pancake coils, etc.

The AR line offers two types of controls which allow you to store your programs.

The MG 3000 Control electronically interfaces with all three axis. The feeding speed is infinitely variable.

In addition to electronically interfacing with all three axis, the CNC PRO Control has the capability to interpolate the movements of the forming rolls with any other axis. The Control has data connection capability. It can be linked with other PC via floppy disk, serial port or LAN. The feeding speed is also infinitely variable.

Special Toolings

Central support for big diameters or spirals.Frontal and powered support for spirals up to 6 meters long . Traction and Compression tooling used for IPE – NP – HE – UNP the hard way.
Remote control Radius measuring tool

Product Specifications

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