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The Benefits of Using A 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine

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MG Plate Rolls & Plate Rolling MachinesMetal-working companies who need to optimize their production look for a machine that can pre-bend and roll their metal efficiently to produce the products they in turn sell. We carry a 4 roll hydraulic plate bending machine and a 3 double pinch plate bending machine which both offer great benefits. The 4 roll machine offers great precision, productivity, versatility as well as speed, safety and ease of operation. For companies in the fabrication industry, they need top-quality machinery in order to maximize production and profits.


Here’s a look at some of the benefits of using a 4 roll plate machine and why you should consider it for your manufacturing process.


Speed – The most accurate bends come from the 4 roll machines. Our model “MH” has both upper and lower rolls, which are hydraulically powered to grant minimum friction and a precision rolling.  Even when the machine is at maximum capacity, the machine will roll with precision, allowing for more production.


Accuracy – The rolls operate in such a way to form an accurate pre-bent and rolled part.  Pre-bending on the three-roll machine requires a downward tilt as plate is fed in the machine. In a four-roll machine a horizontal load feed level for pre-bending is used, which allows motorized feed tables to feed the plate without having to re-position the material.


Ease Of Use – For three roll machines, an operator pre-bends both edges and then rolls the part.  Four-roll machines do not require such operation. Instead, the four-roll machine is more efficient. Less operator skill means less chance for error, but more importantly, more time for production and cost saving.


Plate rolling has really taken off recently in the manufacturing sector and a demand for plate rolling machines is high.  Consider a four-roll machine from C Marshall Fabrication Machinery, Inc. For jobs large and small, we have the machines to help you become more efficient.

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