MH 4 Roll Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine


Frames made out of welded steel and worked on CNC milling-boring machines.

Power drive
  • The model “MH” has both the upper and the lower roll powered with hydraulic motor and planetary gear box.
  • Rolls made of forged steel.
  • All movements of rolls are hydraulic powered.

MG owns a new geometry bending system characterized by radial movements off the bending rolls and movements totally assembled on high load dynamic bearings that grant a minimum friction and a smooth rolling even when the machine works at its capacity limit. The bearings supporting the rolls are mounted in watertight compartments with grease, protected from the external dust and pollution and having permanent lubrication.

The hydraulic motors of the two central rolls are coupled to their epicycloidal gear boxes.

MH 208 w CNC, side and vertical support

The gear boxes are mounted directly on the rolls without secondary transmissions; this way there is no loss of power and no need of parts maintenance. Massive torsion bars grant

the absolute parallelism. These torsion bars, together with all the hydraulic device, generate a system that gives absolute precision and versatility.


Whether you are a job shop or manufacturer, the MG 4 Roll is the best plate roll solution. Every machine, size for size, can roll 30% tighter diameters than any type roll and 30% thinner material than 3 roll double pinch machines. These features, combined with the advanced technology incorporated in all aspects of the MG Plate Roll, make it up to 300% more efficient than 3 roll machines. The following graphs explain why.

plate roll rolling capacity diagram
plate roll capability diagram
plate roll diagram
Planetary Drive
plate roll planetary drive

Planetary drive eliminates complicated transmission systems which are not energy efficient. Delivers in excess of 98 % of all created energy to roll surface. Also eliminates the need for clutches and complicated synchronization devices.

Torsion Bar Parallelism
competition plate roll torsion bar
MG plate roll torsion bar

Unlike electronic systems or proportional value systems, which maintain a theoretical balance, the MG Plate Roll maintains a mechanical finite parallelism through our exclusive torsion bar system which allows the machine to be adjusted to its full conical tilt and back to parallel in only 5 seconds for the life of the machine.

Planetary Guides
plate roll planetary guides

By using exclusive planetary guides, available on MG Plate Rolls, we are able to keep approximately 50% more area of the plate under bend pressure during the rolling operation, thereby allowing the MG Plate Rolls to roll down to 1.1 the upper roll diameter. This allows MG Rolls to have a 30% advantage on tight diameters.

plate roll planetary guide diagram
Spherical Roller Bearings
Plate roll spherical roller bearing

Spherical roller bearings are extremely energy efficient. The eliminate bushings and the necessary running tolerance they require. A negligible loss of energy due to friction whereas bronze bushings take 25-30% of available energy to overcome inherent friction.

plate roll no oilLubricated for life.

Cone Rolling
plate roll cone rolling

Through exclusive technology, MG Plate Rolls can develop cones as easily as competitive machines can develop cylinders. And it eliminates scarring on the surface of shell or roll and also eliminates, in most cases, the need for grinding the lamination (bullnosing) on the minor diameter edge.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use.
  • Only one operator needed.
  • Fast and accurate.

Special Features

  • Elimination of Gear Transmission, Gibs & Ways, Bushings, Clutches and Synchronization Devices.
  • Elimination Of Daily, Weekly Or Monthly Maintenance.
  • Ability To Roll To 1.1 Times Top Roll Diameter.
  • Lifetime Parallelism.
  • No Proprietary Replacement Parts.
  • Off-Shelf Parts Available in Most Cities.

Touch Command EVO – the Newest Evolution in CNC Technology

When choosing a 4-roll machine with a CNC control, there is no better choice than the Touch Command EVO.

Click HERE for detailed information on the CNC Touch Command EVO.

Video below  showing model MH