FIBERMAK Fiber Optic Laser Cutting Machine sold in USA!

Congratulations to Mac-tech!

Mac-tech sold the first Ermak fiber laser in North America. The machine is a 6 x 12 3kW Fibermak and possibly the largest table size ever sold in North America.

FIBERMAK is a peerless machine in laser technology with its strong designs, ultra low energy sonsumption, fast cutting capacity and almost zero maintenance cost.

FIBERMAK transmits the laser beam onto the sheet metal by fiber cables and its cutting quality with high beam density is perfect on thin sheets compared on other alternatives. Fiber optic laser cutting technology proves high quality cuttings at very fast speeds. the energy consumption is %70 less compared to Co2 lasers. You’ll also benefit from easy cutting of reflecting materials as aluminium, copper, brass etc. via low wavelength depending to its working principle.

  • 60% – 100% faster compared to other laser cutting machines.
  • Axes equipped with Bosch – Rexroth liear motors and drivers reach to 9.8’/min (120 m/min.) speed and accelerations are 2 G on Y, 1,5 G on X axes
  • Cuts thin materials 3 times faster compared to Co2 lasers and energy consumption is simultaneously lower
  • 70% energy savings by fiber optic laser technology
  • No need to laser-mix gas used Co2 laser cutting machines due to diode technology
  • No need to optical components such as beam path, folding mirror and quartz tube etc. as laser transmitting is done by fiber cable
  • You can make production 24 hours a day and may save 50% per each costs
  • You may reflect materials such as aluminyum, copper, brass etc. precisely and by smooth surface quality
  • FIBERMAK has strong frame, equipped with worldwide well known, long life, quality components and designed to work accurately and continuously even at hard conditions.