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CMF CBCN Electro-Hydraulic Synchro NC Press Brake

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CMF CBCN Electro-hydraulic Synchro NC Pressbrake


  • Electro-hydraulic proportional servo synchronization free point control within stoke range, repeatability of .001” and.008” parallelism.
  • Bed is fitted with deflection compensation cylinders (above fig.) or upper punch fitted with deflection system. 250 ton and up is fitted with both systems.
  • Fitted with Delem of Holland or Cyblec Co. exclusive computer system.
  • Very strong anti-deviation capability.
  • The ram (Y1 Y2), back gauge (X, R, Z) and master pressure controlled by computer.
  • Ball lead screw rolling guide rail are adopted to back gauge top to get high precision repeatability.
  • Optional digital controlled mechanical robot or flexible machining center for sheets with 7 axis and up

Multi-machine tandem pressbrakes

  • Single machine performance with two machine tandem.
  • When in tandem mode electric-hydraulic servo systems are adopted to provide sensitivity and reliability and high anti-deflection capability.
  • Optional single brake operation.

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