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BMF 15 Flanging Machine

Standard Features

• The electro-welded frame is made of ST 52-3 special steel making the machine robust and solid
• Shaping Rolls, designed as per the radius requested are made of strengthened, induction hardened steel with    uniform 60 HRC hardness
• Material centralization mechanism moves upwards and downwards or/and forward and backwards by manually
• While flanging, materials movement is one way and it is clockwise
• Hydraulic and electrical control systems are located on the machine
• Bottom roll group has standard number of rotation
• Greasing of the machine needs to be done by the operator manually
• Working pressure of hydraulic system and the movement of hydraulic cylinders are controlled from control panel  on the machine
• Bottom roll is driven, top roll is non-driven
• Material should be drilled from the center in order to be fixed on the machine.

Optional Accessories

• Special rolls can be manufactured as required depth and radius


For this machine, only Flat Type Head Flanging is possible.
Data based upon steel 240 N/mm2 yield point. / All specifications are subject to change without notice.


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