G-MG 3-roll Line

G lineFrames made out of welded steel and worked on CNC milling-boring machines. Power drive: • The model “G – MG” has all rolls powered with hydraulic motor and planetary gear box. • All rolls made out of forged steel. • all movements are hydraulic. MG owns a new geometry bending system characterized by radial movements of the bending rolls and movements totally assembled on high load dynamic bearings that grant minimum friction and a smooth rolling even when the machine works at its capacity limit. The bearings supporting the rolls are mounted in watertight compartments with grease, protected from the external dust and pollution and having permanent lubrication. The hydraulic motors of the rolls are coupled to their epicycloidal gear boxes. The gear boxes are mounted directly on the rolls without secondary transmissions, this way there is no lost of power and no need of parts maintenance. Massive torsion bars grant the absolute rolls parallelism. These torsion bars, together with all the hydraulic device, generate a peculiar system that gives absolute precision and versatility.

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