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Whatever you need, copper’s got it!

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“Find a penny, pick it up. All day long you’ll have good luck”.

The use of copper in metal manufacturing goes back further than any other metal, except for iron and gold. Not only is it an excellent conductor, but it is pretty, malleable, easy to work with and even has anti-microbial properties, making it far better suited for plumbing than, say, lead pipes. And although the use of copper for pipes continues to this day, copper pipes are kind of boring to read about unless you are in the business of selling, manufacturing, buying or stealing them (and yes, the rate of copper theft continues to rise proportionately to its steady increases in value – which is an alarming rate, as far as its theft goes).

Much more interesting are the many magical properties copper has been attributed with over the last 11,000 years or so. It seems that pretty much any disorder, ailment or unwanted condition can be improved or cured with copper. The fact that copper does in fact have anti-microbial properties, works well as a fungicide, and is even an essential trace nutrient makes its magical claims even more interesting, since some of them may very well have some sort of basis in fact and science.

If everything written on the subject is to be believed, a partial list of copper’s magical and curative properties include the following:

  • Copper is the metal of Aphrodite, or Venus, depending on which name you prefer. Either way, copper is the metal of the Goddess of love, beauty and fertility. If you wear copper on the opposite side of your dominant hand, it can be a very effective love charm – especially when combined with emeralds (you know a particularly clever woman must have thought up that last part!)
  • Fact: copper is an effective spermicide. The majority of IUD’s, the oldest and most effective birth control method on earth, are made of copper even to this day. It could be reasoned that if copper’s ability to prevent pregnancy was known about thousands of years ago, this may have strengthened if not given rise to the association of copper with love and fertility.
  • As early as 2400 BC, ancient Egyptians used copper to sterilize wounds and drinking water, as well as for the treatment of headaches, burns and itching. Based on copper’s actual properties, chances are that these treatments were in fact effective.
  • Around 400 BC, Hippocrates used copper to treat leg ulcers associated with varicose veins. If I knew how, and if I had varicose veins, I’d try it out right now, but alas, all I have to offer is this titillating factoid.
  • Ancient Aztecs fought sore throats by gargling with copper mixtures. This gives me hope that copper may also help prevent the end of the world, as predicted by the Aztec calendar to occur in 2012. I’m not exactly sure how this all connects or if there’s any logic to it, but then again the Aztecs were very mysterious in general. In any case, gargling copper on the End of Days can’t hurt, and may actually prevent Armageddon. Any takers?
  • Many arthritis sufferers wear copper bracelets to relieve pain.
  • Copper is said to have a revitalizing mental effect by stimulating energy flows, thereby overcoming lethargy. It is also said to improve one’s powers of communication, channeling, cleansing and self esteem.
  • Physically, copper is said to improve blood circulation, increase energy, detoxify, reduce inflammation, stabilize metabolism and improve oxygen use.
  • Anyone who takes themselves seriously while waving sticks around in the air and casting spells will tell you that copper is like, totally the best metal for magic wands, because it is an excellent conductor of “all different types” of energy.
  • If you do happen to be in possession of a magical copper wand, you can use it to heal any part of your body by touching it with copper, which will “re-balance” that part of your body and make it all better. This may possibly be almost as effective as when mommy kissed your boo-boo and made it better, but sadly I was unable to find a single scientific study to back this up.
  • Pure copper can be worn to prevent illness and to encourage healing in general because it balances the polarities in one’s body. Anyone worthy of the title “Wiccan” knows this to be indisputable fact. Be warned, however, that a possible side effect can be that you also turn into a turbo-charged version of Austin Powers – with or without the additional supplementation of emeralds.
  • Copper also attracts good luck and money. Proof of this is a fact that every American child knows: “If you find a penny, pick it up. All day long you’ll have good luck” (a long time ago, when our government wasn’t yet bankrupt, pennies were originally made of 100% copper. If the government had picked up pennies instead of thrown them away, it wouldn’t be broke). So if you really play your cards well, you will be lucky in love, super healthy, your polarities will be balanced and you’ll be filthy rich – in which case you’ll probably lose the copper and trade it in for lots of gold. And diamonds. And a Rolex or two. Because one Rolex is never enough to keep you balanced and happy and successful and lucky in love and rich…

That sums up some but not all of the magical properties of copper. By now, I have pretty much talked myself into taking a trip to the plumbing section of the nearest hardware store so I can buy a copper “amulet” for my own personal use. So if you see someone running around with a copper mechanical sleeve clamp hanging off their neck, you’ll know who started that trend.

-Anja Wulf

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