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Unemployment Rate Drops In 41 States.

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The CBS Evening News (10/19, story 5, 0:30, Pelley) reported, “We got a good jobs report today. A Labor Department report shows unemployment fell last month in 41 states, including most of swing states that may decide this election. In Nevada, unemployment has fallen from 13.6% a year ago to 11.8%. It’s still the highest in the nation. In Ohio it’s down from 8.6% to seven, and in Florida unemployment fell from 10.4% to 8.7%.”

The AP (10/19, Rugaber, Pace) reported unemployment “fell last month in nearly all of the battleground states that will determine the presidential winner,” giving President Obama “fresh fodder to argue that voters should stick with him in an election focused squarely on the economy.”

The Wall Street Journal (10/20, Mitchell) reported jobs were added in most of the 41 states where the unemployment rate declined.

The Washington Post (10/20) and Los Angeles Times (10/20, Lifsher, Flores) also covered the story.

From Daily Executive Briefing 10/22/2012


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