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PRO 80 Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine

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  • Driven by electric motor, planetary gearbox and gear system
  • Machine body manufactured of st-52 special steel
  • Built in accordance with EU norms
  • Rolls and shafts are made of special steel (42CrMo4) – induction hardened and grinded
  • Vertical and horizontal working possibility
  • Guide rolls adjustment manually to one direction
  • Hydraulical and electrical protection against overloading
  • Digital readout to display position of lower rolls
  • Torque limit device to prevent overloading
  • One set of profile rolls
  • Portable control panel with foot pedal in order to control material from required locations
  • Independent hydraulical up and down movement of the bottom rolls
  • Manual lubrication
  • Detailed instruction manual

Optional accessories

  • Special profile rolls for bending pipe, H, I, U, etc type materials
  • Special mechanical guide rolls in order to facilitate angle bending
  • Electric motor according to required voltage and frequency
  • Hydraulic guide rolls for PRO 80 model in two directions
  • Digital readout for displaying the position of the hydraulic guide rolls (for PRO 80)
  • Spiral bending device
  • Variable speed of rotation
  • NC playback and NC graphic control system

Specifications will be available shortly.

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