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Is American manufacturing on the upswing?

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manufacturing in AmericaManufacturing in America has been a cause for some concern for decades. Much debate has been made about the effects of outsourcing factory work to other countries and the loss of high-paying American manufacturing jobs. However, some key indicators are painting a much different and brighter future for the state of the economy in our country.

Different industries in the United States have been reporting some very encouraging gains in productivity. Orders for durable goods, which are meant to serve consumers for at least three years, rose by 4.2 percent this year, about triple the amount that forecasters had predicted. In June, American auto sales sold at an annualized rate of 15.9 million, meaning that about 1.25 million cars had been sold that month.

The increased growth has led to great news for American job seekers. Automobile manufacturer Ford announced that it would add 3,000 salaried positions to its corporation this year, which is about 800 more positions than it had originally intended to add.

Backlog in manufacturing production are another sign that factory work in America is on the rebound. Order backlogs at American factories increased by 2.1 percent during the month of June. This increase, the largest since late 2007, means that more businesses are looking to buy American goods. This keeps money at American factories and encourages businesses to take on even more workers.

No one is more excited about this news than Marshall Fabrication. More manufacturing work means that there’s more need for our specialized equipment. If your factory or facility is in need of superior metalworking or fabrication machinery, call us for a quote. We have a wide range of plate rolls, angle rolls, hydraulic sheer, press brakes and other equipment with plenty of manufacturing applications.

Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-07-25/orders-for-u-s-durable-goods-rose-more-than-forecast-in-june.html

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