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American manufacturing may still be trying to recoup from the losses of the last few decades, but there’s plenty of infrastructure in the industry that may lead the way to brighter days. In any industry, trade shows are an important way to find out new ideas and methods of operating business in a successful way. Now that U.S. manufacturing is staging its own comeback, it’s more important to stay on top of new developments than ever before.

In late November 2013, FABTECH opened up in Chicago, IL. This four-day industry event, which was held in the city’s McCormick Place conference halls, displayed the newest innovations in various aspects of manufacturing, including welding, metal forming, fabricating and finishing.

The 2013 version of this trade show hosted educational exhibits from about 1,500 companies involved with various aspects of manufacturing, many of them being interactive in nature. There were about 35,000 attendees over the course of the four days. Over 550,000 square feet was taken up with exhibits and events in two different halls at McCormick Place during the course of the exposition. Check out the official website for the conference.

Various innovations that were displayed came from a wide variety of fabrication and manufacturing companies. Keller USA, which develops industrial air filtration systems, has a new energy efficient and environmentally friendly for dry separation of wet painting for recycling or disposal of unused materials. Saar-Hartmetall USA, an innovator in the field of metal fabrication, gave demonstrations of its new line of handheld beveling tools. These are just a couple of examples of the new manufacturing and fabrication solution that were on view at FABTECH 2013.

You have to keep your pulse on the industry to stay successful. American manufacturing will come back, and when it does, Marshall Fabrication Machinery will be on top of all of the latest developments. Make sure to visit our website and blog often to find out more exciting information about the comeback of manufacturing in the United States.

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