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CPP CNC Punch Press / Plasma Punch

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CPP CNC Punch Press / Plasma PunchStrong mono block rigid C type body built up by stress relieved welded steel construction has high acceleration axes and designed to allow sheet loading from 3 sides ergonomically and the operation to be watched easily.

The combination of HiFocus sensitive plasma cutting and hydraulic punching on a very strong system gives a giant leap in production. Moving the sheet on X, Y axes on a stainless table with roller balls and clamps. Sheet can be cut as sensitive as required. Contour by servo motorized automatic height adjusted torch at plasma unit. After performing perforations or forming operations at the punch unit. It is capable of cutting and perforating processes at high speed and accuracy. It also has the capacity of high production and an alternative cutting process in comparison to other high cost cutting methods. Furthermore the production period will be shortened on these kinds of workstations because the material will not have to be transfer from one work station to another.


  • X, Y, C HiFocus Plasma Generator + Automatic Servo Motorized Height Control (Z)
  • Bosch Rexroth VSP 16 CNC controller Industrial PC
  • 12″ TFT Colored High Resolution Touch Screen
  • Windows XP operating system
  • USB entrance at panel
  • Protective USB (Power Supply) for electricity cut off and voltage undulation
  • ETHERNET Interface for Communication and Network Connection between the office and machine
  • The operator panel activates easily the velocity of axes, clamp functions, reference positions, trap and tool and punch functions.
  • 2 pieces ERMAK sheet holder clamps
  • Mobil Command Foot Pedal
  • Automatic Repositioning (for sheets wider than 79” and for zones under clamps.
  • Check of work zone by CAD/CAM)
  • Warning Lamp
  • Brushed Type Table
  • Cooler
  • Automatic CNC controlled trap (Scrap / Part discrimination)
  • Wheeled Scrap Box
  • ERMAK-BIEMMETI Sextet Multi TOOL “D Station ” ( Punch, Die, Stripper) A station round .312”, .375”, .750”, rectangular .157” x .750” (2 nos.), square .67” x 0.67”
  • ERMAK Biemetti Thick Turret adaptor from D station to A station round .312″, .375″, .750″, rectangular .159″ x .708″ (2 nos.), square .55” x  .55
  • Machine Instruction and Maintenance Manual
  • ERMAK Lantek CAD/CAM training CD for easy usage
  • KJELLBERG HiFocus 100 Plasma Generator Torch Unit with rustproof option
  • IHT PCS1200 Automatic CNC Controlled Motorized Height Control Unit


  • ERMAK Biemetti octet Multi Tool D Station
  • Round .197″, .230″, .5″
  • Rectangular .375′ x .197″
  • Rectangular .120″ x .551″
  • Triangle 584″, 30 degree
  • Square .375″
  • Wilson tool Octet Thick Turret D Station
  • Round .157″, .276″, .413″
  • Oval .472″, .197″
  • Rectangular .375″ x .098″
  • Rectangular .375″ x .197″
  • Square .312″
  • Triangle 584″, 30 degree
  • Adaptor for B, C stations
  • 3 x B Multi Tool Station, 1 x Single Tool Station, 10 stationed multi tool
  • Tools for different punching shapes and forming applications
  • Adaptor for Trumph system
  • Additional clamps
  • Coated tools for stainless steel punching
  • Mechanic safety for security
  • Infrared Cat. 4 Light Guard Body Protection confirms to CE
  • Second user dongle for LANTEK CAD/CAM
  • Plasma application with Rotative Head Punch Press Absolute Servo Synchronic Zero Gap T1, T2 axes
  • Special sheet holder clamps for different capacities ad thicknesses (larger than 6 mm)


RPP FPP and CPP CNC Punch Press – Rotative Punch Specs

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