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Why is MG’s Rolling Geometry Better than Competitors’

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When comparing bending machines, the following items are critical:

  • Capacity of bending
  • Accuracy of its products
  • Ease of operation
  • Customer references
  • Other functions, such as maintenance and protection etc.


The capacity of bending includes pre-bending capacity and also bending capacity based on minimum diameter (we do not consider pre-bending anything longer than 2.5 times the material thickness).

If we compare the bending process of MG vs competitors, you will find MG’s is much better for bending small diameter products than the competitor’s machine.

MG’s Bending Process                                                  Variable Axis Machine


The MG machine pinches the material tightly while the other system cannot because of the geometry and because the top roll is an idle roll and has no braking function.

After being pinched at the edge of the plate it starts  to be formed. On other systems, while trying to pinch at the edge, the material slides and the top roll slips with the risk of the material possibly falling out of the machine.


Rolling is basically the same however we can state that MG machine keeps the material pinched constantly so a small radius can be reached in one or two passes according to the machine capacity. The competitor’s system needs more passes as there is not as much dragging power as the upper roll is merely an idle roll.

L = Length of flat

As shown below, it becomes clear that on a plate roll the smaller the “X” value the better. In fact, it is the contact point between side rolls and top roll which is the point where the plate gets bent. Obviously, the shorter the “X” distance the better as the flat part of the plate gets shorter as well.

The situation is the opposite for the “Y” value as it becomes an advantage when it is longer. In fact, the longer the better as it effects only the bending. So, the  more distance between the side rolls the less power is required.

Competitor: Scheme of a machine based on straight guides. The “X” distance is short but the “Y” distance is consequently short as well because of the geometry. See picture below.

Competitor: Scheme of a traditional swing arms machine is opposite to the above illustrated situation; the “Y” value is very large but the “X” gets large as well.   So, the result is a great advantage on rolling but poor results on pre-bending. See picture below.

MG: Viewing the scheme of the MG machine with its exclusive technology you can see we achieve the best advantage of both “X” and “Y”. Because of MG’s swing arm technology the “Y” is much larger while achieving a tight “X”. Having a larger “Y” means  less power is required to make the same bend. See below.


Mauro Roccia, MG s.r.l

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