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 Best Personal Cloud storage – Awesome 5 Services

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Keeping our files and documents safe and secure is very important, and that is the reason of why this particular software of cloud storage has been beautifully created by the technologies although we know that it is growing rapidly. Like the popular saying says like human beings wants are unsatisfied so same as that we never seem to have sufficient storage of space to contain all our files documents and personal data.

So we ultimately need some other place where we can store up all our personal documents. There’s no other storage more safe and secure than the personal cloud storage which is specially created just for storing up all our personal files and data’s.

There are multiples of storages for clouds so following bellows’ are the best cloud storages services of personal cloud which you can certainly pick up one the best for you to store all your files.

Various personal cloud storage

  1. Dropbox: This software offered huge spaces for storage of any large files and documents and stored it with saving and sound without any complications or hazards. And especially created for both personal and business storages options. It offers a small personal starting package for free absolutely.
  2. LaCie CloudBox:   This particular software’s offers the same features of CloudBox with external drive storage of 1 TB to 4 TB.
  3. Seagate Central: This software is available in up to the storage of 2, 3 and 4 absolutely for free where you can store up all your personal files and Data. This is a free media app for the iOS and Android users.
  4. Western Digital My Book Live: One of the best personal storage of cloud from the Western Digital includes which include a single of 1, 2, or 3 terabytes (TB) for the remote file access. And can be used by both Android and iOS users for storing a lot of personal files.
  5. iCloud: For all the iOS users they can easily save all their files and documents online in iCloud. Simply login to iCloud & save files, iCloud is safe and secured so that you don’t face any certain kinds of great lost when you accidentally happens to face all the complications all of a sudden.

So, the above mention options are the storage of your personal cloud where you can easily bring back all your important files from the online storage if you happen to lose your phone device or crashed your PC etc. So by now try saving all your important files and data’s online for free absolutely.


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